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Martes, Mayo 29, 2012


Hey guys!
sorry for NOT BLOGGING this summer, but hey my art blog is finally here!
here's the url: link
Now! back to school is on my mind!
I am a grade 5 student and just thinking about my high school!

what about:

Pasig Science High School?

Sorry just an opinion, no hard feelings, but I am still gonna watch whats going to happen on corona

btw. check my new posts this school year, maybe an evil sick chic is going to bully me, TRAGEDY is now happening! haha

Lunes, Abril 16, 2012

New Blog!

Hello Guys, I’ve been busy this whole 2 weeks: first HOLY WEEK, second my new ONLINE MAG and third my ‘rents aren’t here so there’s NO-MONEY-TO-BUY-A-PREPAID-LOAD! So, I decided to let my art skills flow and my creativity show! I am making another blog but it’s a PHOTOBLOG, I make drawings and sell them this SUMMER by using Paint tool SAI. So I first taught of drawing ANIME (yeah, I can make now!) and scan it then color it by using Paint tool SAI but Mom brought her laptop where I download the Paint tool SAI and I am stuck with my Dad’s laptop which has no Internet to download it! BUMMER! but I'll post it soon!

Lunes, Marso 12, 2012

Just Having Fun!

Remember the last time I told you that its great on having a Polaroid? You even I can't afford it. Why? 'Cause its collectables! Its from 1940's blah blah! But you can create a Polaroid-like design in Glosslife, Photovisi, and Pizap! Here's the one I created on

This one is not Polaroid-type yet its titled "Just Having Fun" on

What you think about my photos? Fun? Just Right?

Sabado, Marso 10, 2012

Summer To Do List

Last night I came up with a song on which I am going to do this summer (blogging not included). It goes like this "All I want is paint, donate, take a picture (for the blog), and bake." I know it doesn't quite rhyme but I love it! The song is like a to-do list, here's what I got:


 I know I am just a beginner in oil painting yet I have a potential in poster color painting.
I waste all of my money in buying sketch pads, paint brushes, paint, and mixing plates. Why? because when I go visit my grandfather, grandmother and other relatives who likes painting I am going to learn from them. Hey, you don't need to spend money in art class if you have painter-relatives.

Last month, me and my family went to a native mall, after shopping, playing, and eating; we were about to go home when my siblings asked my dad to eat (AGAIN!) I wasn't that jealous (how juvenile would that be?) so I ask my dad to buy me a new book of Dork Diaries. After that, I saw blind people singing and begging for money I ask dad if he had some change so I could donate it to them but he told me that they were paid by some in-charge officers of that mall. I totally DISAGREE! So every time I go to the mall I'd bring enough change to donate those who are in needed.

Take a Picture:
Have you thought of having a Polaroid? It seems so old and lame but it's easy to print your desired pictures on the go! I know its hard to design it with special effects but Canon made it easy to decorate and print it just like a Polaroid and a digital camera. Thanks to Total Girl Philippines info which that I can use a Polaroid in publishing posts in my blog.


From the last issue of Total Girl Philippines, in their D.I.Y project; titled How to make Lime Sponge Cake Lollipops (Cake Pops for short). I searched it on Bakerella and it is so cute. I am planning to make 40 cake pops in my brother Max's 8th B-Day and my sister Maxene's 1st B-day. You can make cake pops using store-brought sponge cake (any flavor) or home made cake. For more info in making cake pops visit:

P.S I wanna travel too this summer! And swimming just like you guys

You can make your own Summer To-do List by singing a song or doing something you like. Hey, what you think about my summer to-do list? Good? Bad? 

Miyerkules, Pebrero 22, 2012


I don't know what is the meaning of cute until I searched it on it means kind, beautiful and caring in it's on special way. I have chat with my sit-in school mate said it to me: "I have find that you are cute." Nobody has said it to me even my parents or relatives because I am too thin.
But they don't know what's the real meaning of cute. I am so overwhelmed because that is the one thing people have said to me even through in internet. Now, I appreciate myself more than ever.

Biyernes, Pebrero 17, 2012


Hi, welcome to my blog……………
But before exploring this blog,
I’d like to introduce myself
I am Julliana Flores, 10 years old and 4 months,
Pure Filipino,
studies at Mona Lisa Academy
And that Average Girl or the Dork next Door!
Have fun exploring my blog, reading my blog post and more!
<3 Julliana