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Sabado, Marso 10, 2012

Summer To Do List

Last night I came up with a song on which I am going to do this summer (blogging not included). It goes like this "All I want is paint, donate, take a picture (for the blog), and bake." I know it doesn't quite rhyme but I love it! The song is like a to-do list, here's what I got:


 I know I am just a beginner in oil painting yet I have a potential in poster color painting.
I waste all of my money in buying sketch pads, paint brushes, paint, and mixing plates. Why? because when I go visit my grandfather, grandmother and other relatives who likes painting I am going to learn from them. Hey, you don't need to spend money in art class if you have painter-relatives.

Last month, me and my family went to a native mall, after shopping, playing, and eating; we were about to go home when my siblings asked my dad to eat (AGAIN!) I wasn't that jealous (how juvenile would that be?) so I ask my dad to buy me a new book of Dork Diaries. After that, I saw blind people singing and begging for money I ask dad if he had some change so I could donate it to them but he told me that they were paid by some in-charge officers of that mall. I totally DISAGREE! So every time I go to the mall I'd bring enough change to donate those who are in needed.

Take a Picture:
Have you thought of having a Polaroid? It seems so old and lame but it's easy to print your desired pictures on the go! I know its hard to design it with special effects but Canon made it easy to decorate and print it just like a Polaroid and a digital camera. Thanks to Total Girl Philippines info which that I can use a Polaroid in publishing posts in my blog.


From the last issue of Total Girl Philippines, in their D.I.Y project; titled How to make Lime Sponge Cake Lollipops (Cake Pops for short). I searched it on Bakerella and it is so cute. I am planning to make 40 cake pops in my brother Max's 8th B-Day and my sister Maxene's 1st B-day. You can make cake pops using store-brought sponge cake (any flavor) or home made cake. For more info in making cake pops visit:

P.S I wanna travel too this summer! And swimming just like you guys

You can make your own Summer To-do List by singing a song or doing something you like. Hey, what you think about my summer to-do list? Good? Bad? 

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